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J   O   S   E   P   H 


Creator Dream Video


Do you know the story of Joseph? This film is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Based on his latest play, Joseph's Dream, this short film takes viewers into the dream Joseph had when he found out Mary was going to give birth to Jesus. Director and writer Alexander Diaz wrote this unique film after having a vision of Joseph's experience. Throughout his vision Alexander was able to understand and see the experience of Joseph. Our goal is to bring that vision to the big screen!

"Joseph" will  be used as a proof of concept for a feature length version of the short film. This short film will be used to increase visibility on social media  and to attract attention for the feature length film.

Written and directed by Alexander Diaz, he and his team are determined to get Charlton and the surrounding communities involved in this project. We believe in bringing communities together and getting as many people involved and active as possible. 

Please Help Me to take my mission to the big screen

Your support and contributions will help us to meet our goals and make our dream come true. Your generous donation will fund no only our film but also an amazing story that will change people lives for ever. 

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An Angel visits J O S E P H  and attemps to convice him to wed a pregnant Mary. The Angel gives a doubtful  

J O S E P H  a glimpse of the good that will come to humanity if he takes responsibility for Jesus. The Angel also shows him the evil that will prevail if he doesn't. In the end J O S E P H is given a choice, and his choice will have consequences not only for him, but also for all mankind.


Check out this interview from behind the character Joseph and learn more about how creator Alexander Diaz got John Goss  (joseph) to become what he was looking for.




Creator Director Alexander Diaz Executive Producer Jamie Salisbury Producer Abby Charland Director of Photography Dan Rosario Post Production Director Jed Burdick Costumes Director Sue Campbell Associate Producer Katie Canty   1st Ad Jed Burdick   Cam OP Brit Macfarland 

!st AC Nathan Quattrini   Costume Assistant Audrey Clark 

Set PA Jaque M   Set PA Brad Polak 

DIT Trevor Pendleton   Key Grip Chris Abbey 

Set Lighting Jesse Hicks    Lighting Assistant Robbie Moll   Best Boy Grip Marrio Escobar    ADDL Grip Paul McKinney 

VFX makeup director Phil Skippy  Makeup artist Talia Cataldo 

makeup artist Celia Cataldo  Hair / Makeup Desiree Carpenter 

Hair / makeup Marisol Cardenas   Hair/ Makeup Laura Cardenas   

Props  Ron Germain   Michael Dupuis   Jeanne Desautels Dupuis   John Martin  

Stunt Coordinator Frank Perrin

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AJ productions

482 Southbridge st unit#384 Auburn MA 01501

(774) 200-3381


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